Montgomery County Churches

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Bethany Church 331854N, 0893358W
Bethel Church 332130N, 0893015W
Bethel Church 333908N, 0893700W
Bethesda Church 333336N, 0893941W
Bethlehem Church 332553N, 0893724W
Bethlehem Church 332612N, 0893753W
Bethlehem Church 332908N, 0893928W
Bethsaida Church 331823N, 0893007W
Campbell Hill Church 332927N, 0894258W
Center Hill Church 333829N, 0893446W
Church of the Living God 333021N, 0893129W
Columbiana Church 332418N, 0894158W
Columbiana Church 332559N, 0894127W
Covenant Church 331830N, 0892726W
Duck Hill Baptist Church 333803N, 0894253W
Elkhorn Church 332335N, 0893031W
First Baptist Church 332858N, 0894346W
First Presbyterian Church 332955N, 0894347W
Friendship Church 331709N, 0893241W
Friendship Church 332935N, 0894508W
Haven United Methodist Church 332848N, 0894406W
Hays Creek Church 333112N, 0893935W
Hays Creek Church 333122N, 0893952W
Hazel Green Church 332616N, 0894606W
Hebron Church 331810N, 0893628W
Hopewell Church 333804N, 0893025W
Huntsville Church of Christ 332054N, 0892738W
Kilmichael Baptist Church 332631N, 0893412W
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses 332808N, 0894405W
Lindsey Spring Church 332735N, 0893218W
Marshill Church 333744N, 0893550W
Mission Church 333203N, 0894657W
Moore Memorial United Methodist 332810N, 0894427W
Mount Pisgah Church 333743N, 0893829W
Mount Pleasant Church 333739N, 0893850W
Mount Vernon Church 332708N, 0894213W
Mulberry Baptist Church (historical) 333300N, 0893215W
Nations Poplar Creek Church 332314N, 0893114W
New Hope Church 333210N, 0894426W
New Liberty Baptist Church 333553N, 0893031W
North Winona Baptist Church 332932N, 0894415W
Northside Church 333123N, 0894413W
Pine Bluff Church 332024N, 0893749W
Pinkey Grove Church 332144N, 0892957W
Pleasant Grove Church 332934N, 0893428W
Pleasant Hill Church 333109N, 0893138W
Pleasant Spring Church 332646N, 0892732W
Poplar Springs Union Church 332220N, 0893419W
Prospect Church 333148N, 0894248W
Prospect Church 333612N, 0894705W
Red Hill Church 334012N, 0893520W
Saint Johns Church 333424N, 0894425W
Saint Mark Church 334000N, 0893258W
Salem Church 333129N, 0893330W
Scotland Church 332543N, 0894305W
Shady Grove Church 333100N, 0893330W
Shiloh Baptist Church 333524N, 0893516W
Spring Hill Church 333433N, 0893326W
Spring Hill Number 2 Church 331910N, 0893233W
Sweet Home Church 333528N, 0893815W
Unity Church 334009N, 0893507W
Wilkins Chapel 333839N, 0894524W
Wilmount Church 332838N, 0893638W
Winona Baptist Church 332850N, 0894408W
Winona Baptist Temple 333121N, 0894409W
Youngs Chapel 333313N, 0893624W